Gregory Adeboye

This Is I how the fuck I feel!  These hoes have stolen and robbed my self esteem from me. Especially this one snake maggot, duplicitous, truculent, malevolent, schizophrenic, psychopathic, sociopathic  horse cunt, who I shall not name, ripped my heart out, raped my soul, slit my throat, and totally robbed me of my self esteem, almost robbed of my peace. This cunt, is the worst I have ever fucking came across, from being schizophrenic, from saying evil shit about teachers,  and tweeting about doing some sick fucking shit on twitter!  Lets just say if it was a male he would be arrested, but because she has a fucking cunt between her legs she gets away with it!!!  I have nothing but utter contempt for this snake maggot horse cunt, that pretended to like me!!  I am sick of this fucking cunt!!! Then another fucking cunt falsely accused me, and got…

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